2 months ago

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Tommy And His Boys!

Tommy Better Get His Receivers To Get Their Game On!

You’re Sexy As Hell, But You Are Losing, Patriots!

2 months ago

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Dating Mr. Palmer!

Kellen Winslow Was Caught Honking His Horn In The Parking Lot Of A Target in New Jersey Last November! 

Dude, If You Must Paint Your Pickle…

Get A Room, Guy!

3 months ago

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Tight and Compact!

That’s The Only Way To Describe Danny Amendola!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

3 months ago

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The Tight End To Watch!

Prediction: Andrew Luck Will Connect With Coby Fleener Tonight To Bring The Patriots Down!

Fleener Is the Man Who Will Be High, Tight, And Compact In Foxboro!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

3 months ago

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Return To The Sarries!

After a Brief Stint with Gang Green, Hayden Smith Has Returned To The Wolf Pack!

Whether He Is A Tight End Or A Lock, Hayden Smith Is…

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

3 months ago

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Going To Miss My Boys!

The Dirty Birds Nixed The Play Offs For The Cowboys Last Night! It’s Going To Be A Long Half Year Before I See Jason Witten And Miles Austin Own The Grid Iron!

Fare Thee Well, Cowboys!

Until Next season, Baby!

3 months ago

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Best Butts In The South!

Jimmy Graham And Drew Brees Make Quite A Pair. Not Only Are They Among The Top-Rated Passers And Receivers In The NFL, They Have Quite A Set Of Glutes Between Them.

Speaking Of Which, Wouldn’t Mind Being Between The Pair! ;)

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

3 months ago

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Fare Thee Well!

Tony Gonzalez May Not Have Ever Made It To A Super Bowl, But Did He Ever Make Football Fun To Watch! Atlanta’s Tight End Retires With A Record Of 111 Career TDs. That’s Pretty Impressive! 

Tony Gonzalez…

You are A True Sports Stud, Baby!


3 months ago

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One More To Go!

Here’s Hoping My Muse Jason Witten And His Boys Will Win The Divisional Title Next Week!

Get Your Game On, Baby!

4 months ago

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Mr. Tight End!

Jason Witten Gets Me All The Time, But, Jeez Louise, Make It To A Play Off, Big D!

Get Your Game On, Baby!