14 hours ago

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Missing My NFL!

Looking Forward To Jacob Tamme Suiting Up Again For Denver This Season.

Sexy As Hell In Those Skin-Tight Uniform Pants, Baby!

1 month ago

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Missing My NFL!

Just Needed To Get A Dose Of The Finest Tight End In The NFL.

Jason Witten…

Come To Papa, Baby!

2 months ago

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Guy Fridays!

Arizona Cardinals Rookie Tight End Troy Niklas Is Going To Tear Up The Grid Iron In Glendale, Much As He Did In South Bend!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

2 months ago

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Missing The Gods Of The Grid Iron!

As The Weather Gets Warmer, My Thoughts Turn To Mini-Camps. Jeez Louise! Do I Miss Jason Witten!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

2 months ago

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New Tight End In Miami!

Now That Crazy Crew Over At Outsports Knows Something! Hotter than Hades Arthur Lynch Has Landed In Miami! Small Sacrifices To THe Gods Of The Grid Iron For Putting This Tight End In The Tight, White Uniform Pants Of Miami!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

6 months ago

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Tommy And His Boys!

Tommy Better Get His Receivers To Get Their Game On!

You’re Sexy As Hell, But You Are Losing, Patriots!

6 months ago

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Dating Mr. Palmer!

Kellen Winslow Was Caught Honking His Horn In The Parking Lot Of A Target in New Jersey Last November! 

Dude, If You Must Paint Your Pickle…

Get A Room, Guy!

6 months ago

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Tight and Compact!

That’s The Only Way To Describe Danny Amendola!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

6 months ago

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The Tight End To Watch!

Prediction: Andrew Luck Will Connect With Coby Fleener Tonight To Bring The Patriots Down!

Fleener Is the Man Who Will Be High, Tight, And Compact In Foxboro!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

6 months ago

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Return To The Sarries!

After a Brief Stint with Gang Green, Hayden Smith Has Returned To The Wolf Pack!

Whether He Is A Tight End Or A Lock, Hayden Smith Is…

Sexy As Hell, Baby!