2 months ago

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Look Who’s Gone To Disney World!

Tip Of The Hat To Russell Wilson For A Superbly Executed Offensive Game!

A True Sports Stud, Kiddo!

2 months ago

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Tommy And His Boys!

Tommy Better Get His Receivers To Get Their Game On!

You’re Sexy As Hell, But You Are Losing, Patriots!

3 months ago

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Hot Frakin’ Damn!

My Prediction For The Colts Was Hardly Prescient, But Jeez Louise… Julian Edelman Is One Frakin’ Hot Stud!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

3 months ago

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Golden Oldies!

A Collection Of The High, Tight, And Compact Rumps Of The NFL Men In Tight Uniforms!

Buns of Steel, Baby!

3 months ago

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Best Butts In The South!

Jimmy Graham And Drew Brees Make Quite A Pair. Not Only Are They Among The Top-Rated Passers And Receivers In The NFL, They Have Quite A Set Of Glutes Between Them.

Speaking Of Which, Wouldn’t Mind Being Between The Pair! ;)

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

4 months ago

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Hang Your Heads In Shame!

I May Love My Boys In Blue, But The Sacks of Eli, Interceptions, Turnovers, And Boneheaded Moves This Season Is Disgraceful!

Eli Truly Deserves His Fraking!

So Does Victor Cruz!

Brandon Myers Knows Enough To Hang His Head!

You Fraked Up, Boys!

Send Some Men To Play Next Time!

4 months ago

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Men In Tight (And See-Through) Uniforms!

Ryan Tannehill, Rishard Matthews, Brian Hartline, And Mike Wallace Remain Calm, Cool, And Collected In The Tunnel Before Squaring Off Against The Pats!

Wait Until They Get All Hot And Sweaty In Those Uniforms!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

4 months ago

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Hot Bloody Damn!

Just Love The Way The NFL’s Kit Clings To The Bodies Of The Players!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

4 months ago

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Ginger Rump!

Hot Damn, Baby! Andy Dalton Is Spicy Hot!

Nice Arse, Baby!

4 months ago

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Get Those Buns In Gear!

Philip Rivers Needs To Get A Kick In His Butt!

Get Your Game On, Baby!