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High Quality
Storm God!
The Kid Descends From Olympus!
Woof, Baby!

Storm God!

The Kid Descends From Olympus!

Woof, Baby!

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Thank You!

Just Noticed That This Tumblr Has Passed The 6000 Followers Mark! The Bodacious Bodies Of The Assorted Ruggers, Football Players, Lugers, Swimmers, Divers, And Other Athletes Gracing My Blog Are Dedicated To You!

Keep Smuggling Your Budgies, Baby!

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Sunday Stunner!

Billy Slater Has One Bodacious Body!

Sexy as Hell, Baby!

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Hot Frackin’ Damn!

Johan Goosen Is Sex On A Stick!

Sweep Me Away, Baby!

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Saturday Special!

Chris Walker-Hebborn Makes A Splash!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

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The Beauty Of The Game!

Eddie Quirk And Jordan Smiler Chase The Egg!

Get Your Game On, Baby!

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Thursday’s Mystery Man!

Well, Our Bonds Loving Mystery Man Loves To Show Off Bonds Covered Bum And Package. He Has Even devoted An Entire Site To His Bonds’ Budgy Smuggling Ways!

He Is One Sexy Cockroach In Cherry And White, Baby!

Any Guesses?

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Mystery Smuggler Revealed!

Thanks To The Sharp Eyes Of Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Saturday’s Mystery Man Is None Other Than Tom Burgess!

Check Out Mary Mary’s Blog! She Has One Bodacious Tumblr!

Here Ae A Few More Of Tommy Boy And His Equally Sexy Brothers!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

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Saturday Special…Teuton in Tights!

Teutonic WunderKind Fabian Hambuechen Straddles The Pommel Horse, Spreads His Cheeks On The Rings, And Proves Himself A Master On The Mat!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

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Bodacious Bum!

South Africa May Have Lost To India, But, Hot Damn Baby, Faf du Plessis Has A Bodacious Body And Bum!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!