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Missing My NFL!

Looking Forward To Jacob Tamme Suiting Up Again For Denver This Season.

Sexy As Hell In Those Skin-Tight Uniform Pants, Baby!

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Missing My NFL!

Looking Forward To Seeing Eric Decker In His Skin-Tight Gang Green Kit!

sexy As Hell, Baby!

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A Good Role Model And A Random Hot Guy

Just Finished Reading Brad Thorson’s Coming Out Story On Outsports. The True Role Models In Our Lives Are The Guys And Gals Whom We Encounter Every Day. Brad’s One Of Them. Give A Big Shout Out To Him. He’s Gone From Playing College Ball And A Stint With The Arizona Cardinals To A New Passion….Chasing Eggs With The Fog In San Francisco.

Godspeed, Baby! You’re A True Sports Stud!

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Missing My NFL!

Just Needed To Get A Dose Of The Finest Tight End In The NFL.

Jason Witten…

Come To Papa, Baby!

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When You’re A Jet!

Eric Decker Settles Into Gang Green.

Bring It On, Baby!

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Question: Weird question. I'm a Giants fan and I absolutely LOATHE the Cowboys. How do you do it?? Lol.

Not quite sure how I do it. I cannot help it. If they’re playing against each other, it’s the Giants. 

Grew up loving and rooting for the Giants. But I loved Dallas. I blame it on Troy Aikman. I had a huge crush on him. Still do.

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Stay Focused On The Game!

Forget About All Else And Focus On Making The Cut, Michael Sam!

Godspeed, Kiddo!

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Guy Fridays!

Arizona Cardinals Rookie Tight End Troy Niklas Is Going To Tear Up The Grid Iron In Glendale, Much As He Did In South Bend!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

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Missing The Gods Of The Grid Iron!

As The Weather Gets Warmer, My Thoughts Turn To Mini-Camps. Jeez Louise! Do I Miss Jason Witten!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

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Like Any Other Couple

I’m Still On A High From The St. Louis Ram’s Pick Of Michael Sam In The NFL Draft On Saturday Night. His Reaction In The Moment He Realized That He Was Achieving His Dream Was Priceless! Sharing The Moment With Michael Sam Was Vito Cammisano, His Boyfriend, A Fellow Mizzou Athlete, Who Came Out While On The Swim Team For The School. Vito’s Support For Michael Was Evident, As ESPN Covered The Moment Of Michael’s Draft. The Couple, As Any Other Straight Or Gay Couple Do, Embraced And Kissed, Enjoying The Moment Of A Partner’s Good Fortune. 

Their Open Show Of Affection For Each Other Was Spontaneous, Genuine, And Natural. And It Was As Groundbreaking As Michael Sam’s Draft As An Openly Gay Athlete In The NFL. Unfortunately, As Is All Too Common On Social Media, There Are Those Who Need To Vent Mean-Spirited Thoughts In Comments. Shame On Them! But Such Comments, More Often Than Not, Spring From Deep-Seated Self-Loathing, So It Is Best To Ignore Them!

Bravo, Once Again, To Michael Sam!

Bravo Too, To Vito Cammisano!

Best Wishes To Michael In His NFL Career.

And Best Wishes To You Both No Matter Where Your Future Takes You!

Go Rams!