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"Strength Through Skin-TIGHT Lycra"

The Saints Put A Twist On Their Motto…”Strength Through Loyalty!”

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

6 days ago

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Tuesday In Body-Hugging, Skin-TIGHT Lycra

The Tights Fit Simon The Rhino Like A Second Skin.

Sex On A Stick, Baby!

1 week ago

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Manly Monday III

Men In Skintight Uniforms….

Track Cyclist Sam Webster Of New Zealand Smokes The Opposition!

Sexy Wie Die Hölle, Baby!

1 week ago

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Monday Smugglers

Collingwood Takes To Smuggling!

Smuggle On Dudes!

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Hump Day Hunks: Footy in Tights

Dane Swan And Michael Firrito Toss The Egg-Shaped Ball In Tights!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

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Hump Day Hunks: Storm in Tights!

Ben Roberts And Ben Hampton Rock The Lycra. ‘Tis A Shame That Ben Roberts Is Departing The Storm. He’s Heading To England To Play For Castleford Tigers Next Season. Maybe With The Colder Climes In The Northern Hemisphere, Ben Will Rock The Lycra Tights More Often!

Godspeed, Ben!

Sexy As Hell, Baby! 

2 weeks ago

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Hump Day Hunks

Men in Tights!

Lance Franklin Bursting Out All Over!

Kurt Tippett Playing Bashful!

Chris Judd Decked Out In Lycra!

Nick Graham Leads The Pack!

Sexy as Hell, Baby!

3 weeks ago

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Thursdays In Tights!

A Look To The Future At The Dirk Bikkembergs Show In Milan!

GiantsOrCowboys Loves The Look Of The Future, Baby!

3 weeks ago

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Hump Day Hunk

Max Warren Is A Young Buck Ready To Play With The Big Boys!

Bring It On, Baby!

3 weeks ago

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Tumblr Tuesday: Teuton in Tights 

Teil Zwei!

Andreas Hoffmann Sports The Spandex, As He Handles His Javelin!

Sexy Wie Die Hölle, Baby!