2 months ago

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The Mighty Quins!

Chris Robshaw, George robson, And Joe Marler Looked As If They Momentarily Doubted Themselves Over The Scarlets, But They quickly Regained Their Mojo To Win The Match!

Get Your Game On, Baby!

3 months ago

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Scrum That Half!

Rory Kockott Is One Pugnacious And Scrappy Fighter!

Bring It On, Baby!

3 months ago

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Bloodied, Bruised, But Still Bodacious!

 Jimmy Gopperth Wore His Bruises On His Face, But He Still Ruled The Pitch For Leinster!

Get It Done, Cowboy!

3 months ago

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Penis With Ears!

Ian Evans Earns That Title For Being Sent To The Sin Bin After Stomping On Mike McCarthy, And Thereby Disqualifying Him From Six Nations!

Hang Your Head In Shame, Sir! 

3 months ago

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Chris Robshaw Hoovered Himself After The Quins’ Debacle Against Clermont This Past Weekend, So That He Could Attend Last Evening’s Six Nations Rugby Dinner In London!

Clean Or Dirty, Hoover Man Is…

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

3 months ago

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Red Card! 

Joe Bearman Deserved A Warning For The Way He Throttled Tom Wood!

Hands Off My Wood, Kid!

Was Bearman A PWE???


3 months ago

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Clash of The Titans!

Jeff Hassler And George North Clash For The Egg!

Hassler Is A Canadian Rugger!

Get Your Game On, Baby!

3 months ago

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Artistry of the Athlete!

Matt Hopper Woke Up This Morning And Started To Sneeze.

He Had A Match And A Cup Of Heineken

He Wanted To Be A Better Man…

So He Soared Through The Air Like Superman!

Hoopsterman Hoopsterman I Want To Fy Like Hoopsterman!

4 months ago

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Highland Bok!

Izak van der Westhuizen Chasing The Egg Against Gloucester!

Bring It On, Baby!

4 months ago

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You Talkin’ To Me?

Jamie Roberts Does His Best Robert De Niro Impersonation!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!