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Missing My NFL!

Looking Forward To Jacob Tamme Suiting Up Again For Denver This Season.

Sexy As Hell In Those Skin-Tight Uniform Pants, Baby!

5 days ago

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Missing My NFL!

Looking Forward To Seeing Eric Decker In His Skin-Tight Gang Green Kit!

sexy As Hell, Baby!

2 weeks ago

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Missing My NFL!

Bryan Walters IS One Of The Numerous Reasons That I Look Forward To September…

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

4 weeks ago

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Missing My NFL!

Well, John Chick of the Saskatchewan Roughriders Played A Few Seasons South Of The Border. He’s A Reliable Defensive End. And He Has Quite A Tight End, Too!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

1 month ago

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Missing My NFL!

Just Needed To Get A Dose Of The Finest Tight End In The NFL.

Jason Witten…

Come To Papa, Baby!

1 month ago

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When You’re A Jet!

Eric Decker Settles Into Gang Green.

Bring It On, Baby!

1 month ago

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Question: Weird question. I'm a Giants fan and I absolutely LOATHE the Cowboys. How do you do it?? Lol.

Not quite sure how I do it. I cannot help it. If they’re playing against each other, it’s the Giants. 

Grew up loving and rooting for the Giants. But I loved Dallas. I blame it on Troy Aikman. I had a huge crush on him. Still do.

2 months ago

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Missing The Gods Of The Grid Iron!

As The Weather Gets Warmer, My Thoughts Turn To Mini-Camps. Jeez Louise! Do I Miss Jason Witten!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

2 months ago

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New Tight End In Miami!

Now That Crazy Crew Over At Outsports Knows Something! Hotter than Hades Arthur Lynch Has Landed In Miami! Small Sacrifices To THe Gods Of The Grid Iron For Putting This Tight End In The Tight, White Uniform Pants Of Miami!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

2 months ago

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Diving Into New England!

Still Waiting To See Where Michael Sam Lands, But Thanks To Those Bodaciously Bold Dudes Over at Outsports, I Just Read That Jimmy Garoppolo Has Landed With New England.

Jim and Cyd: Jimmy’s Hot, But Tom Brady’s Still Hotter!