1 month ago

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Manly Monday: Show Me The Love!

The Cronkster Gets Some Love From His Skipper, But Hinchie Wants In On The Action, Too!

Get A Room, Guys!

4 months ago

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Monday Maroon Smugglers

Queensland Takes To Smuggling.

Smuggle On, Dudes!

11 months ago

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Bird Man In Tights!

Greg Bird Rocks The Lycra, And He Appears To Favor Pink Bikini Briefs! Nice Arse, Bird Man!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

1 year ago

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Hooker in Tights!

Cammie Was Born To Wear Lycra!

Nice Package, Skipper!

1 year ago

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For Your Eyes Only!

Bryan Norrie Has Found True Love With Cameron Smith!

Show Me The Love!

1 year ago

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Baby, You’re Mine!

Cameron Smith Claims Bryan Norrie For Himself!

Show Me The Love!

Get A Room, Guys!

1 year ago

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Bait Me, Baby!

Cammie Dares You To Catch Him! He’s Daring You, Smithyman!

Bring It On, Baby!

1 year ago

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Superman Superman Wish I Could Fly Like Superman!

Cameron Smith Wants To Be Like Superman!

Man Of Steel, Baby!

1 year ago

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Poseidon’s Sons!

Maroons Emerge From The Sea!

It Appears Few Besides The Storm Rock The Speedos!

Shame On The Rest, Baby!

1 year ago

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Queensland Canetoads!

Blues Beware!

Don’t Be Fooled By Their Cheery Dispositions and Charming Smiles. These Maroons Can Be Painful When Roused!

Get your Game On, Baby!