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Testosterone Thursday

Peter Lewis Participates in the Commonwealth Games. There’s Nothing Like A Stud In Ski-Tight Lycra To Get The Testosterone Pumping!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

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Hump Day Hunks

Italian Stallions…

 Zebre Has A Zeal Of Frackin’ Hot Ruckers!


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Back To The Salt Mines!

Bernard Foley And The Tahs Are In The Final Countdown To A Championship.

Bring It On, Baby!

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Sunday Smuggling

Tom Daley Smolders…

Woof, Baby!

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Artistry of The Athlete!

1. Jean Deysel Is A God Amongst Men.

2. Thomas du Toit Is A God Of Rugby.

3. Don’t Frack With Them!

Way To Go, Bro!

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Friday Frolics

John Ulugia Gets Used To The Ropes In Clermont, Then Finds Time For A Quick Massage.

Cheeky Bugger!

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Friday Frolics

Chris Mears Frolics Without Jack Laughter.

Smuggle Those Melons, Mate

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Testosterone Thursday

Chris Mears And Jack Laughter…

Hot Frackin’ Damn, Baby!

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White Russians 

Would Love To Shake Andrei Pawluk and Yauheni Karaliou, Strain Them With Ice, And Add Some Cream And Sprinkle Of Nutmeg!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

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Bear Wrestling!

The Props, Centres, Fullbacks, And Hookers Of Exeter Discover The Joys Of Wrestling In The Surf!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!