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Hump Day Hunk

Matt Ballin…Hot Damn! 

Hook Me, Baby!

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High Quality
The Pit Stop
Gymnast Daniel Purvis Competes For Scotland in Glasgow.
Sexy As Hell, Baby!

The Pit Stop

Gymnast Daniel Purvis Competes For Scotland in Glasgow.

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

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A Few Of My Favorite Things…

1. The Color Red

2. Men in Tights

3. Good-Looking Men

4. Red-Headed Men

5. A Combination Of All Of The Above…

Greg Rutherford…A Good-Looking, Red-Headed Man In Red Tights!

Woof, Baby!

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Cheeky Athlete Ally

Rugby And Football Are Violent Enough. I’m Not Much Of A Fan Of Boxing Or MMA. Although There Is True Beauty In The Athleticism Of Athletes Who Are Boxers Or Mixed Martial Artists, Hitting People Is Not My Cup Of Tea.

Nonetheless, A Tip Of The Hat To Kyle Kingsbury, Who Sports Unusual Outfits, For Stripping Down To His Briefs With A Beautiful Message Emblazoned On His Bodaciously Beautiful Behind…”Legalize Gay.”

Could Have Said It Better Myself!

You’re A True Sports Stud, Kyle Kingsbury!

And Sexy As Hell, Baby!

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Manly Monday: Shirtless Or Kitted?

Scott Curry Spices The Pitch Either Way!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

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Random Hot Guy: Ein Schweizer Schwinger

Switzerland’s Kilian Wenger…Victor Of The Alpine Wrestling Festival Bruenig-Schwinget.

With Guns Like His, No Wonder Napoleon Was The Last To Conquer Switzerland!

 Sexy Wie Die Hölle, Baby!

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Reblogged From:


Those of you who follow my blog know that I am a huge fan of Johnnie Beattie (his image is my profile picture). The man is these photos is his father, John Beattie. John was a rugby player and his position was number 8 (a position his son plays). He earned 25 caps for Scotland and played twice for the British and Irish Lions. Unfortunately, he was forced to retire in 1987 due to injury. After he retired from rugby, he worked as a chartered accountant and coach before entering the field of broadcasting. Today he hosts a lunchtime news show for BBC Radio Scotland and Co-hosts a sport magazine program called Sport Nation. He also plays the guitar.

So why did I make a post about this man you may ask? Besides the fact that he was a great player who contributed half the DNA of my favourite rugger Johnnie, he is also freaking hot! Johnnie hit the genetic jackpot having this man for a father. I can tell where he gets his good looks from. Johnnie will be very lucky to look this hot in 30 years time. John proves that an older gentlemen can be as hot if not hotter than any guy in his twenties.

There is more to this man than just good looks. He has a great personality and seems like genuinely nice guy. When Gareth Thomas came out as gay back in 2009, John wrote this article for the BBC congratulating him for coming out:


The words in the article are true today as they were back then. With all of these great qualities, I’m proud to call him one of my heroes.

John Beattie Is A Trues Sports Stud, Athlete Ally, Rugby Legend, And One Bodaciously PHD (Pretty Hot Daddy)!

Woof, Baby!

Thanks, RugbyFan84!

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Missing My NFL!

Looking Forward To Seeing Eric Decker In His Skin-Tight Gang Green Kit!

sexy As Hell, Baby!

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Exactly How I Feel With Over 9000 Tumbling with Me…

Thank You!

You Are All…

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

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High Quality
Why I Love Rugby!
'Nuff Said!

Why I Love Rugby!

'Nuff Said!