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Buddy In Tights!

Lance Franklin Frolics On Tuesday In Tights!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

1 week ago

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The Enforcer!

Jayden Hayward Is The Force!

Bring It Home, Baby!

2 weeks ago

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George North Humps Brad Barritt!

April Fool’s!

I Know…I Know…Pretty Lame!

But, Still, The Though Of It Is…

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

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Thursday’s Mystery Smuggler Revealed!

The Twerking Rugger Was None Other Than Tah Man Adam Ashley-Cooper! 

My Bad, Justin Correctly Identified The Bodacious Buns Of The Twerking Tah, But I Mistakenly Told My Buddy To Guess Again.

No Matter What, Though, Adam Ashley-Cooper Is…

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

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High Quality
Scrumming His Half!
Nic White Shows The Stormers Who Is Master Of The Kicking Game!
Woof, Baby!

Scrumming His Half!

Nic White Shows The Stormers Who Is Master Of The Kicking Game!

Woof, Baby!

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Give Me Wood!

Throw Some Wood At France Italy! (My Bad!)

Bring It On, Baby!

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"You Want To Take This To The Pitch?"

Dave Attwood Has His Game On!

Ready To Rumble, Baby!

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Scrum That Half!

Alby Mathewson Works His Magic!

Yeah, Baby!

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Get Your Game On, Skipper!

The Force Are Off To A Horrible Start. Matt Hodgson Needs To Focus! 

But Still l Would Never Kick Him Out Of Bed For Eating Biscuits!

Focus On The Match, Kiddo!

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Not So Random Hot Guys!

Jeez, Louise! I’m Falling For Jonathan Groff And Raul Castillo Of HBO’s Looking. Not Only Are They Sexy As Hell, The Two Are Really Good In Their Portrayals Of Patrick, The Young Guy Who’s Unsure Of Himself And What He Wants, And Richie, The More Confident Yet Sensitive Guy With A Sense Of Wonder At Life Around Him. There Are Those Who Critique The Show As Too Slow, Yet It Accurately Portrays The Dreams, Fears, And Desires Of A Great Many Gay Guys. Check It Out. Stick With It. It’s A Good Show! 

And These Two Guys Are…

Sexy As Hell, Baby!