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Sunday Special: A Smorgasbord Of Smugglers!

Nothing Sexier Than Water Polo Players Smuggling Their Budgies To Victory!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

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Raw Deal

The Sea Eagles Went Down To The Bulldogs. Both Sides Played Well, But I Have To Say That Josh Starling And Manly Had A Raw Deal Cast Their Way From The Officials. Josh Jackson Chicken Winged Starling In A Tackle. Starling Retaliated With A Punch, And He Went To The Sin Bin As A Consequence

Did Manly Lose Because Of It? I’m Withholding Judgment. Not Excusing Starling’s Reaction, But He And Manly Got A Raw Deal.

Starling’s A Good Player With A Rockin’ Bod. Visions Of That Bod May Help To Relieve My Disappointment.

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Friday’s Fox!

There Are Times When Your Team May Not Be Doing Great, But You Root For Another Athlete On A Rival Team, Just Because He’s That Good…

Sonny Bill Williams Is That Good!

And Boy, Oh Boy…

SBW’s Sex On A Stick, Baby!

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Giants, Cowboys, Football, Rugby And Life Turned 4 Today!

And It Has Been A Fun And Great Run, Because Of All The Great folks I’ve Met Through Tumblr, The Blogs That I Follow, And The Bodaciously Beautiful Followers Of Mine.

Here’s To Y’All, Baby!

4 More Years!!!!!

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Tuesday’s Toss

Kieran Foran Gets His Game On,  And Wolfman Should As Well. Williams Has Proved A Major Disappointment This Season. Still…

Bring It On, Baby!

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Terribly Disappointed That Hoffie Ended His Career With The Storm On A Low Note. He’s A Great Guy, And Best Wishes To Him With The Warriors Next Season!

I’ll Continue Rooting For The Storm, But Will Always Keep An Eye On This Gentle Man…A True Sports Stud, Baby!

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High Quality
Way To Go, Bro!
Hoopster Did A Great Turn As Skipper For The Wallabies!
Yeah, Baby!

Way To Go, Bro!

Hoopster Did A Great Turn As Skipper For The Wallabies!

Yeah, Baby!

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Why I Love Rugby!

The Lineout…

Woof, Baby!

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Artistry of the Athlete!

The Hoopster Passed The Gauntlet Of Argentine Beef To Get To The Try Line.

Woof, Baby!

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Testosterone Thursday

Scott Higginbotham…

Hot And Sweaty…

Sexy As Hell, Baby!