2 weeks ago

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Texas Hold ‘Em!

Would Love To Be Gripped By The Guns Of J. J. Watt!

Woof, Baby!

1 month ago

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Men In Tight, White Uniforms

Phil Rivers And Kellen Clemens Get Down To Business!

Beautifully Bodacious Bums, Baby!

1 month ago

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Missing My NFL!

Looking Forward To Jacob Tamme Suiting Up Again For Denver This Season.

Sexy As Hell In Those Skin-Tight Uniform Pants, Baby!

6 months ago

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Bound For Gang Green!

look Forward To Seeing More Of Eric Decker, Although He Won’t Be Part Of Big Blue!

Godspeed, Kiddo!

7 months ago

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Sex On A Stick!

The Broncos May Be Loosing, But…Omigod…Eric Decker And Wes Welker Are…

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

7 months ago

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Are You Ready For Some Football!

Eric Decker Is!

Get Your Game On, Baby!

P.S. Eric’s Wife, Country Singer Jessie James, Is Expecting Their First Child. Despite Being Eight Months Pregnant And Fighting Off The Flu, She Wants To Be In The Stands Watching Her Man! Jessie James Is A True Goddess Of The Grid Iron!

Godspeed To Them Both, Baby!

8 months ago

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Next Stop The Meadowlands!

Wes Welker Got His Game On!

Drive That Baby, Home!

8 months ago

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Welker Time!

Holy Looking Glass, Batman! The AFC Championship Game This Sunday Will Have The Tight And Compact Wes Welker Heating Up The Grid Iron For The Broncos Against His Old Mates, The Patriots!

Welker Is Looking Mighty Fine In Blue And Orange, Much As He Did In Blue And Silver! Ask My Buddy Jake What Colors He Prefers Welker To Wear!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

8 months ago

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Hot Frakin’ Damn!

Eric Decker Will Be Yet One More Wide Receiver, Who Is Going To Make The AFC Championship Hotter Than Hell Next Weekend!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

9 months ago

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Get Those Buns In Gear!

Philip Rivers Needs To Get A Kick In His Butt!

Get Your Game On, Baby!