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Bound For Gang Green!

look Forward To Seeing More Of Eric Decker, Although He Won’t Be Part Of Big Blue!

Godspeed, Kiddo!

2 months ago

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Memorable Season!

Julian Edelman Along with The Pats Made It To The AFC Championship This Season! Hold Your Heads High, Boys!

You Made The Season Bodacious, Memorable, And Thrilling! 

You’re A Sports Stud, Baby!

2 months ago

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Tommy And His Boys!

Tommy Better Get His Receivers To Get Their Game On!

You’re Sexy As Hell, But You Are Losing, Patriots!

2 months ago

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Dating Mr. Palmer!

Kellen Winslow Was Caught Honking His Horn In The Parking Lot Of A Target in New Jersey Last November! 

Dude, If You Must Paint Your Pickle…

Get A Room, Guy!

3 months ago

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Hot Frakin’ Damn!

Just The Idea Of Danny Amendola On The Same Field Against The Broncos With Wes Welker Is Enough To Heat Up The Field In Denver!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

3 months ago

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Tight and Compact!

That’s The Only Way To Describe Danny Amendola!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

3 months ago

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Hot Frakin’ Damn!

My Prediction For The Colts Was Hardly Prescient, But Jeez Louise… Julian Edelman Is One Frakin’ Hot Stud!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

3 months ago

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Golden Oldies!

A Collection Of The High, Tight, And Compact Rumps Of The NFL Men In Tight Uniforms!

Buns of Steel, Baby!

3 months ago

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Monday’s Muse: Kiko Alonso!

Yesterday, The Buffalo Bills And New England Patriots Played In Torrential Downpours. It Made For One Slippery Grid Iron! The Silver Lining Was The Sight Of The Outrageously Sexy Kiko Alonso As His Uniform Became Ever More Transparent In The Downpour!

Jeez Louise! The Man Is…

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

3 months ago

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Beautiful Man In A Tight Uniform!

David Nelson, Wide Receiver Of The New York Jets, Is One Hot Offensive Player!

Drive It Into The End Zone, Baby!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!