4 days ago

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Random Hot German Guy

Martin Tomczyk…A BMW Race Car Driver And Fixture At Oktoberfest In Munich.

Sexy Wie Die Hölle Baby!

5 days ago

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Friday’s Fox

The Return Of Dan Carter Ensures Canterbury Is Well Ahead Of The Curve. And He Does It In His Jockeys!

Woof, Baby!

6 days ago

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Testosterone Thursday

Let’s Get Down To The Finals With Jared Waerea-Hargreaves. His Great Guns Will Part The Crowds To The Try Line For Us.

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

6 days ago

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Bodacious Moves

Ryan Crotty Has Them For Canterbury…

Get Your Game On, Baby!

6 days ago

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Hump Day Hunk

He May Be A Shark And A Bok, But Cobus Reinach Is Also One Damn Fine Sports Stud!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

1 week ago

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Tuesday Morning Muse

About To Head Out To The Gym, And Eric Decker Is The Muse Who Will Get Me Through A Tough Session!

Woof, Baby!

1 week ago

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Manly Monday Smugglers!

Wildcats Go Prospecting…

Smuggle On, Dudes!

1 week ago

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Muse Of The Week!

He May Be A Dirty Bird, But Brent Celek Is Beautiful!

Inspire Me, Baby!

1 week ago

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'Bout Time, Baby!

Eli And Big Blue Won Their First Game Of The Season!

Keep It Up, Stud!

1 week ago

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Why I Love The NFL!

1. The Team Working Together To Advance To Victory.

2. The Raw Athleticism Of The Game.

3. Bodacious Bods In Skin-Tight Uniforms!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!